SmartBox System

SmartBox® System Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is the SmartBox® System?

Answer: The SmartBox® System is the most advanced, electronically controlled, and closed transfer granular application system. The SmartBox® System allows farmers to accurately apply granular insecticides with no exposure to granular insecticides from opening, and pouring granular insecticides or from granular dust when handling bags.

The granular insecticides are delivered in 50 lb Transfer Containers that can only be opened when attached to the SmartBox® System base containers which are mounted on the planter.

Q 2. Is the SmartBox® System more accurate than standard mechanical granular applicators?

Answer: Yes, not only is the SmartBox® much more accurate than standard mechanical granular applicators, the SmartBox® System allows farmers to monitor and adjust the application rate from the cab of the tractor. The SmartBox® system allows on-the-go flexibility to monitor and change various operating parameters. The SmartBox® System also adjusts the rate of granular flow based on the speed of the planter. This way the desired rate is consistently applied throughout the field.

The controller, which mounts inside the tractor cab, enables the user to quickly change the chemical application rate or shut off flow to one or all programmed zones of planter rows. Audio and visual alarms on the controller alert the user of a possible plugged row tube, non-flowing meter, or empty chemical box by row. Increased application accuracy means better crop protection and higher potential yields.

Q 3. What products can I use with the SmartBox® System?

Answer: Currently AMVAC Chemical Co. offers the farmers 4 different granular insecticides for the control of Corn Rootworm and secondary pests. They are AZTEC 4.67G, AZTEC HC, COUNTER 20G, SmartChoice 5G, SmartChoice HC and Force 3G for corn. AMVAC is always looking to expand the current portfolio of products to be offered through the SmartBox® System.

Q 4. Why should anyone use the SmartBox® System?

Answer: The SmartBox® system was created to allow granular insecticides to be applied accurately, efficiently, and safely to your crops. Growers should be using the SmartBox® system because it helps provide the best CRW protection with NO exposure from granular insecticides or granular insecticide dust when opening and pouring from a bag. Plus, university trials and on-farm experience shows an at-plant application of AMVAC granular insecticide on top of CRW tolerant hybrids helps increase yields by an average of nearly 10 bu/ac. Click here to view Yield Advantage on Trait Corn.

Q 5. Do I need to calibrate the SmartBox® System?

Answer: AMVAC always recommends that you calibrate your SmartBox® system. The SmartBox® is easy to calibrate and makes this needed procedure a much simpler process. All the grower needs to do is place the controller in the calibration mode. Collect a timed sample volume from each row, enter the amount collected from each row and hit enter on the controller.

AMVAC sponsors calibration clinics in numerous locations across the Midwest in the early spring to help growers review this calibration process.

Q 6. What PPE should I use with the SmartBox® System?

Answer: While the SmartBox® System provides the best protection available with granular insecticides it is always important to read the label and follow each product’s recommended PPE.

Q 7. Will the SmartBox® System fit on any planter?

Answer: The SmartBox® System will fit on just about any planter make, model or size up to 48 rows. The SmartBox® System is endorsed by most of the key corn planter manufacturers such as Kinze, John Deere, Case I/H, and Great Plains. For specific questions on individual planter needs and mounting kits call 1-888-SMARTBOX (1-888-762-7826) or talk to your local AMVAC representative.

Q 8. What does the SmartBox® System cost?

Answer: The SmartBox® System is very economical. And in most cases the SmartBox® System actually cost less than conventional open granular boxes. Interested growers should contact their local AMVAC representative for the full details on the current price and potential purchase incentives.

Q 10. How do I order a SmartBox® System?

Answer: Growers can order their SmartBox® system by either;

1. Calling 1-888-SMARTBOX (762-7826) and ordering over the phone.
2. Contacting their local AMVAC representative. Their contact information may be found here.

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